The Vision Inc. is dedicated to preserving the historical account of success of individuals in performance, whether arts or sports related from every community across the country.

We have founded, a virtual starwalk, so that the light and sense of pride these individuals have brought to their hometowns may shine on and be their legacy, a legacy to be left to those who reside within the Region of Waterloo, who share the same gifts, who dream the same dreams and to those who aspire to greatness – recognizing those gifts as a career and lifetime ambition.

In doing so, it is our intent to inspire, through education and awareness, others who reside within this community, to greatness. In sharing the legacies of those who have persevered and succeeded, it is our belief, that will encourage others to pursue their dreams and know that all things are possible. will provide a resource to those who value the contributions of others, in the arts or sports, who have lived their lives in the realization of those dreams.

The Story

On every street or country road, of every town, city or rural area far reaching across this nation, there are Canadians with a wealth of natural creative ability. It is a unique combination of talent, timing and luck – aligning perfectly to create a star.

We are extremely proud to say that the “stars shine brightly” in The Regional Municipality of Waterloo! We cannot honour and promote our artistic, athletic and cultural future without respecting and appreciating the accomplishments and contributions of the artists and athletes from our past. The very individuals who have lived their lives creating, performing and competing from within our very own communities. Those who have provided a foundation for others, to dream and to believe and most importantly, achieve.

By honouring these individuals who have excelled with greatness in their chosen profession, in various fields - we breathe hope into the minds and lives of those who choose to follow in their footsteps and who may, in pursuit of those dreams, enrich the lives of others and in turn, their communities.

In order to bring greater recognition to arts and culture within a community, we must recognize and respect those who have “lived their lives” within our region and those who have mentored, continue to mentor and continue to guide and inspire others in achieving their dreams and shining their light.

For that reason Inc. was born.