Did You Know?

Waterloo Region is an amazing place where creative lightning continues to strike. For example, did you know...

On September 7th of this year - Kenny Munshaw, Beverly Mahood, Roger Travassos, Mark McIntyre and Tom Yuhas (all with ties to Waterloo Region) had the distinct honour of performing for the Royal Couple, William and Katherine on their western visit in Calgary.

These individuals as well, performed for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama on June 25th during the G8 at Deerhurst!

Waterloo Region definitely boasts "world class" talent!

The Canadian Country Music Association Awards (CCMA's) are this September in Hamilton, at Copp's Colliseum. would like to congratulate three individuals from the Waterloo Region:

Ed Ringwald for being nominated for Steel Player in the All Star Band category for the CCMA awards.

Jason Barry for being nominated for a number of CCMA awards as well. Yes indeed, the stars shine brightly in Waterloo Region!

Shane Guse who been nominated for two CCMA awards this year in the all star band categories. Fiddle player of the year and specialty instrument.

The Song “American Woman”

"American Woman" is a song by Canadian rock band The Guess Who, first released in February 1970 on the album of the same name and later in March as a single, which reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song has been covered by many rock artists, including Lenny Kravitz and Krokus. It was also featured in Sam Mendes's movie American Beauty and most recently on the Big Bang Theory.

The song's origins took the form of a live jam in Waterloo, Ontario at Glenbriar Curling Club (now Glenbriar Home Hardware) on Weber Street. The group was rushing into the second set and began improvising a rhythm to liven up the crowd. Burton Cummings, the lead singer, began improvising lyrics to fit the music and "American Woman" was born – in Waterloo Region!

"King of the Road"

"King of the Road" is a 1965 song written and originally recorded by Roger Miller. The lyrics tell of a man with a hobo lifestyle (possibly a struggling road musician) who, although he lives in a hand-to-mouth existence, describes himself with joking introspective as the "king of the road". It was written at the Station Hotel in Kitchener , on the corner of Weber Street and Victoria Street, North which sat right next to the train station.

Jamie Warren’s Grandmother – Wilda Widmeyer (who turned 92 in March of this year) now resides in the Kitchener area and still enjoys reminiscing her many years on the ball diamond as a catcher and coach, and as the first female umpire in the Western Ontario Athletic Association.

Mark Willms - While playing at the Hyatt Japan (New York Bar) in 2003 was discovered by Sophia Coppola and was cast as “Carl West” in the academy award winning movie “Lost in Translation.”

Michael Lazaridis – In the early 1990s, under a contract RIM won from the National Film Board of Canada, he worked on technology that proved to be important in film, the DigiSync Film KeyKode reader. This piece of equipment automated the process of putting together film negatives. Bar codes were printed on the film's edges, and Lazaridis' product was a high speed bar code reader. The device cut down dramatically on the time it took for a film editor to do the work, and became used on a widespread basis in the film industry. His creation of the DigiSync Film KeyKode reader earned Lazaridis an Emmy Award and an Academy Award. Though not a particularly financially lucrative invention, the reader brought prestige to RIM and put the company in the news.

"I Believe in You!" – Amanda Marshall music video was shot on Joseph and Queen Streets in Kitchener (close to Bullas Glass)!

Many more interesting facts in the weeks to come!