Achievement Highlights

* He played the Canadian Golf Tour
* Wote the book, " How Great Golfers Think Ė Perfecting Your Mental Game"
* His book won awards from ForeWord Magazine and from The International Network of Golf

Bob Skura

Bob Skura, is a resident of Kitchener. In the 1970ís he obtained a degree at the University of Waterloo, worked in the golf business and played the Canadian Tour. In those days the leading money winner earned approximately $10,000 for the season and only about five players made expenses.

Realizing that his pot of gold just might lie somewhere else Bob set his sights on the business world where he developed his interest in training and human performance.

For 30 years Bob passionately studied the ideas of world-class psychologists, such as Maria Montessori, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Lev Vygotsky and others and applied the lessons he learned to his career. All the while he kept in mind a desire to understand age-old golf issues such as trust, self-talk and getting into the zone.

Then at the age of 57 Bob released a book called How Great Golfers Think Ė Perfecting Your Mental Game. Itís a story of four golfing buddies who seek out a mentor named, Doc, who teaches them how to apply the mental skills golfís greatest achievers have used.

Not only has Bobís book been recognized by world-class coaches as one the best presentations of how to improve a personís mental approach in golf, its life lessons are applicable to many other disciplines. Along the way How Great Golfers Think won writing awards from ForeWord Magazine and from ING Ė The International Network of Golf.

In addition to golf, Bobís hobbies include juggling and unicycling, both of which he learned to do after the age of 50. Bob is also the mental game coach for Nationwide Tour player Jon Mills.