Achievement Highlights

* His newest solo Symphony Pops show is 'A Fiddle Player's Take on the Symphony Orchestra'
* Received Canadian Music Legend Don Messer's Violin from the Messer Estate
* Mr. Leahy is signed to CBC Records

Frank Leahy

Frank Leahy is a Renaissance man of our time.

As well as being a Canadian National Fiddle Champion, Mr. Leahy holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Music degree.

His unique combination of talents has led him to achieve international notoriety as a musician, composer, actor, playwright and producer. His instrumental mastery of the full gamut of clogs, jigs and reels in addition to such other musical forms as jazz, swing and classical, as well as his side-splitting comedic "boy next door" delivery on the theatre stage has placed him in a league all by himself in the field of this exceptional and versatile combination of entertainment.

From 1995 to 2005, Mr. Leahy collaborated with Edward Minevich for over 200 Symphony Pops, over 2000 theatre and live concert productions in North America with their hit shows Bending the Bows, Road to Carnegie Hall, and Master Clash. In 2004 Mr. Leahy presented another Symphony Pops show entitled An Unlikely Affairrecounting a male fiddle player's pursuit of a female violinist. A night of high brow meeting low brow - truly gopher baroque.

Frank Leahy's newest solo Symphony Pops show, A Fiddle Player's Take on the Symphony Orchestra is his most hilarious virtuosic creation yet. Each instrument in the Symphony Orchestra is transfixed and transformed with cultivated wit and humour all seen through a fiddle player's point of view.

The greatest honour in Canadian folk music was bestowed upon Frank as he was chosen to receive Canadian Music Legend Don Messer's Violin from the Messer Estate. Along with the precious violin, Mr. Leahy holds the exclusive rights to the Don Messer name and image.

Mr. Leahy is signed to CBC Records and has released the first CD of the Don Messer Brand entitled Don Messer's Violin. The sales of this recording have been the largest in CBC records history. The same year, (2000), Mr. Leahy co-wrote, produced and starred in the musical "Don Messer's Violin" on Prince Edward Island for a three year run followed by a national tour in Canada. In the year 2004 Frank Leahy developed a Don Messer's Violin Symphony Pops show to critical acclaim. In 2005 the Don Messer Brand saw the release of a book entitled Canada's Fiddle published by CBC Merchandizing accompanied by Frank's first Christmas CD entitled Frank Leahy's Christmas Jubilee. Currently, Mr. Leahy is currently working to releasing all of the Don Messer CBC TV shows on home video.

Frank lives in Waterloo, Ontario with his wife Lisa and their 7 children, Maria, Brianna, Jasmine, Philip, Joseph, Basil and Grace.