Achievement Highlights

* In March of 2004 Gabriella assumed the position of General Manager of the Grand Philharmonic Choir
* Group Sales Coordinator and Marketing Associate for Rose Theatre Brampton
* Gabriella started a research company, Artscan Media Resource

Gabriella Currie
Film & Television

Co-host of such popular Rogers Television programs as Daytime and One on One - Gabi has had an interesting and varied career.

Born and raised in Montreal, Gabi was a provincial finalist in gymnastics, and had leading roles in school plays and musicals. After high school graduation she moved to Ontario, and soon found herself playing trumpet and singing in nightclubs, including Lulu’s Roadhouse in Kitchener. A variety of day jobs gave her experience in real estate, law and education. She taught French at the Carmel Church School until 1991. One of her passions has always been television, and she set about preparing for her future.

Gabi enrolled in the Broadcast, Radio and Television course at Conestoga College in 1992, where she won nearly every major award during her three-year program of studies. Impressed with her accomplishments, Hollywood’s Entertainment Tonight took her on as their first Canadian intern, and Gabriella spent two months on the Paramount lot in Los Angeles, working in every phase of ET production and on several specialized projects. She spent several days with the ET crew at the O.J. Simpson trial, participated in their live coverage of the 1995 Academy Awards, devised the key questions for the Jessica Lange interview, was Ms. Lange’s stand-in during the technical set-up, and was Mary Hart’s stand-in several times

Up every day at 4:30 a.m. to be in the studio at 6:30, Gabriella found the 45-minute commute on L.A. freeways “quite an experience – but easier than Toronto traffic and the 401!” While at Entertainment Tonight, Gabriella became good friends with producer Bill Olsen.

After graduation in 1995 Gabriella had several opportunities in front of her, including a hosting position at radio station CFPL in London. She chose to head the research team for 3 Themes International’s 13 part series, Women, Lifestyle & Money. Gabriella lived in Toronto under contract for five months and worked for L.A. screenwriter, Donald Martin.

After completing Women, Lifestyle & Money., Gabriella was asked to co-write a non-fiction book entitled Winning Without Winning (Mercury Press), which has become a non-fiction best seller. This led to a contract with Ken Kostick’s What’s For Dinner? doing research and writing recipe introductions for his Caribbean Cookbook.

While developing another project with entertainer Dinah Christie and producer Harry Sutherland called Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah, she auditioned for the Rogers Television program Daytime. Before the Christie project had been sold Gabriella was asked to join Daytime as co-host, a position she enjoyed for four years.

In the summer of 2000 she was invited to host the Rogers Television show Backyard Barbecue, which was nominated as best “how to” show in the 2000 Impression Awards. Gabriella was personally nominated as best host for her performances on both Backyard Barbecue and Daytime, and Daytime was nominated as best talk show.

While Gabriella enjoys all her guests, she says, “It’s hard to forget conversations with notables such as Dr. Jane Goodall, Peter Gzowski, Cindy Williams, Donald O’Connor, Liona Boyd, the Osmond Brothers, Peter Appleyard, Lloyd Robertson...” and the list goes on.

She has enjoyed being the sole host and associate producer of a series entitled One on One, which consisted of in-depth interviews with prominent people in business and the arts. Gabriella is a frequent guest speaker at public functions and was moderator for the Kitchener open forum on Foreign Policy sponsored by the Federal Government.

Gabriella’s work in television also includes hosting infomercials. These are currently distributed in 40 different countries in the world in a variety of languages.

In 1998, Gabriella started a research company, Artscan Media Resource, focusing mainly within the television and film industry. Most of her work originates in Los Angeles researching for screenwriters. Gabriella was the Business Manager of the 40-member wind ensemble Windjammers, overseeing all aspects of management.

In March of 2004 Gabriella assumed the position of General Manager of the Grand Philharmonic Choir, Canada’s largest choral organization, overseeing all aspects from production to marketing and publicity and development.

July of 2008 saw Gabriella continue in Arts Management, this time in the Greater Toronto Area (Brampton), working as Group Sales Coordinator and Marketing Associate for Rose Theatre Brampton.

Somehow, even with her busy schedule, Gabriella finds time for reading, working out, renovating old houses with fiancé Thomas Ziegler, gardening and playing trumpet in an 8-piece swing/dance band called Reflections.