Achievement Highlights

* Was part of Major Hooples Boarding House
* In 2005, he put together a new “Heywood Family 3 Generations” album
* Grant’s father was Earl Heywood, “Canada ’s Number 1 singing cowboy”

Grant Heywood

Grant Heywood can’t help but be involved in the country music scene: he grew up right in the middle of it.

Born in Wingham in the early 1950's, Grant’s father was Earl Heywood, “Canada’s Number 1 singing cowboy.”

The Heywood Family – Grant, his sister Patricia and their parents – recorded 3 country albums, toured Canada and regularly appeared on TV and radio. At 8 years old, Grant was Canada’s youngest recording artist.

By the time he was a teenager, Grant had taken up drumming in his high school cadet corps. band and joined local rock groups as a singer, songwriter and guitarist.

In 1974, Grant married his high school sweetheart, Jeanette Riley. He then enrolled in a Photojournalism course at Conestoga College then returned to touring (which, to this day, remains his core passion). He started a new group called Wizzard, which performed magic to original rock music.

After Wizzard, Grant played and experimented with a number of bands. By the early 1980s, he was asked to join Major Hooples Boarding House (a band that had charted up to 16 singles).

Following that, Grant was a member of several more bands before exploring (and finding success in) country music.

Eventually, he teamed up with his dad and joined the Barn Dance Historical Society, a group dedicated to preserving the old CKNX Barn Dance shows (which originated in Wingham) and building a museum in Wingham to honour many of the musicians from that golden era. He spearheaded many initiatives for the organization, editing its magazine, producing documentaries and performing and organizing shows.

In 2005, Grant painstakingly compiled and recorded a new “Heywood Family 3 Generations” album. Every member of the family had a singing part. Grant calls the album “a labour of love to honour a family tradition.”

Having played on over 50 recordings, with 6 albums and a dozen charted singles to his credit, Grant is still working Barn Dance Shows as well as producing records for various country acts and performing on other CDs. He is often in demand as a session drummer or singer and for live shows with country and rock bands. He is also working towards releasing a self-titled CD.

“I’ve had the pleasure of playing country in my early years, moved on to rock, come back to country, and now country and rock. I believe I’ve come full circle,” he says.

Find more about Grant on his Facebook Page.