Achievement Highlights

* His father is legendary jazz musician Marvin Munshaw
* Has performed for President Barack Obama

Kenny Munshaw

Kenny Munshaw is passionate about music. You can hear it in his voice as he sings, read it in the lyrics he writes and see it on his face as he performs.

Kenny is a fabulous Canadian singer/song writer/performer who has entertained a vast variety of audiences including Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama at the G8 conference this past summer.

Kenny’s high-energy show combines his soulful, heartfelt renditions of his original music or covers that we have all come to know and love with his exceptional gifts as a musician to prove that Kenny is a non-stop entertainer. Kenny grew up listening to all kinds of music. As a child he spent time with his grandfather who performed ragtime and big band music and his father is legendary jazz musician Marvin Munshaw.

He has combined the music from his childhood with his own contemporary favorites to create a musical style that appeals to fans from all walks of life and is uniquely Kenny Munshaw.

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