Achievement Highlights

* Created the television show “Meet The Wilsons” for CMT Canada
* Had a brief stint on the soap opera “One Life To Live

Kortney Wilson
Film & Television

A mother, an artist, a TV show host and the star of her own reality TV series are just a few of the things keeping Kortney Wilson busy these days but her reply to that, “oh I’m just getting started.”

Born in Windsor, but raised in the Kitchener Waterloo region, she credits her family for motivating her early on to pursue her dreams regardless of obstacles and so that is what she has done. “I pretend the the only thing standing in my way is myself and for a long time I thought that was true. Until I met my first record executive” she laughs.

Kortney moved to Nashville at the age of 18 to pursue a career in country music. Little did she know that move would turn into meeting the love of her life, Dave Wilson her first day in Music City. “I never dreamed that I would move to Nashville and meet another Canadian and on top of it fall in love. That was an interesting conversation that I had to have with my parents” she jokes.

After a 4 year record deal with Lyric Street as Kortney Kayle and a top 40 hit, a brief stint on the soap opera “One Life To Live” and touring the United States, she decided a family was next on the list. “She’s on 11 every day,” Dave says. “She knows exactly what she wants and it usually doesn’t take her long to put a plan and a list together to take the steps to get it and I’ve been happily along for the ride”.

Shortly after they had their first son Jett, Kortney had an idea for a reality show based on the “Nick and Jessica’s Newleyweds” program on MTV at the time. “I wanted to create a show based on our life that portrayed a real family with a country music angel that wasn’t totally disfunctional”. And so “Meet The Wilsons” was born to CMT Canada. The show captures their real life quests to follow their dreams such as adopting their third child Lennox and raising their two boys Jett and Sully in a “normal” household. When asked if Kortney thinks their house is normal she replies “we are as normal as the next family. Raising our kids and trying to keep our heads above water, our marriage intact and pursue our dreams. The only difference is there are a few extra people in the house occasionally to capture it”. The Wilson’s are now 3 seasons into a what is shaping up to be a long fulfilled television career as reality TV starts and the host of their own show called “Kortney and Dave By Request” where they interview other artists.

So what’s next for the reality TV star and mother? Fortunately for country fans, The Wilson’s are just getting started with music. “We are in the middle of writing and recording new material right now. Music is why we got into this crazy business so Dave and I are really excited about returning our focus to being artists and touring.” Look for a single to be released to country radio late fall from “The Wilson’s” and a new season of “Meet The Wilson’s” around the same time on CMT Canada.