Achievement Highlights

* Created a work honouring his Nephew's participation in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games
* Produced the “WireART” series

Lloyd Walker

Lloyd Walker is a resident of Waterloo where he operates his multimedia studios Random Access productions, creating audio & video elements for a wide variety of clients ranging from international corporations to local music artists.

Lloyd’s a producer and multi-instrumentalist which is where the inspiration came from for the “WireART” series and the inception of Lloyd Walker Design. To capture and portray the body and its form within each subject’s discipline is the objective of his works. Innovating in many mediums over the years, creating original “one of a kind” furniture pieces, paintings, ceramics, wood carvings, photographs and now visions in WireART!

The studio where he composes and produces musical works is Random Access Productions

The "Cycle Race" group of works was initiated by his newly formed relationship with Paula White - Diamond and the "Live Strong" collection of pieces was created for the very special and worthy cause for cancer research.

Four of Lloyd’s works are featured on the CD cover designed by Lloyd for Top Pocket’s, 11:11 a new release from this Waterloo Based Jazz Ensemble.

Prior commissions for Lloyd Walker Design include three cinema awards for the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Cinema club for it’s "Local Focus Three". Featuring new awards inspired from the “Hollywood” series.

Lloyd Walker Design also created a commissioned work for the "International Luge Federation" honouring his Nephew's participation in the "Winter Olympics" this year (2010) with the Canadian team.

Custom works themed for private clients and residences also keep this engaging new artist actively busy creating new sculptures.