Achievement Highlights

* Moe was the Canadian PGA Championship winner in 1966 and 1974 and set 33 course records
* Moe was known for “The Norman Swing”
* Tiger Woods complimented Moe's amazing swing in a Golf Digest interview

Moe Norman

1929 - 2004

Moe Norman was a shy guy. He had a childhood accident that doctors believe may have caused him brain damage. He dropped out of high school. But he was also one of the greatest golf players that ever lived.

Moe played briefly in the PGA tour but decided he’d rather stay close to home, so he played mostly in Canada, and particularly Ontario (near his hometown, Kitchener).

This didn’t stop him from racking up victories: Moe won the Canadian Amateur Championship in 1955 and 1956, won 55 Canadian Tour events, was the Canadian PGA Championship winner in 1966 and 1974 and set 33 course records.

When he won his first Amateur Championship in Calgary , he hid when the trophy was being awarded because he hated the idea of having to give a speech, or even to have people focusing all their attention on him.

However, although he may have been shy, he wasn’t afraid to be a bit different. Both Moe’s play and his fashion sense were often described as unconventional.

Moe was known for “The Norman Swing” – a very short backswing and follow-through which led to very accurate ball placement. The pace of his game was also much faster than other players.

Today’s top golfers still talk about and respect Kitchener’s most famous golfer. In 2005, Tiger Woods told Golf Digest that only two golfers in history had “owned their swing” and Moe Norman was one of them.

In 1995, Moe was inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. Nine years later, in 2006, he was inducted into Canada ’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Pretty good for a guy who never took a golf lesson!