Achievement Highlights

* Was the original guitarist for Major Hoople’s Boarding House
* Peter joined the Lulu’s Roadhouse Band in 1983
* Had a top ten hit with his band, Desert Dolphins

Peter Padalino

The original guitarist for Major Hoople’s Boarding House, Peter left the group because “it stopped being fun for me,” he says.

But the years were fun – from the group’s early days as the Shan-de-leers in Galt to traveling to New York City, meeting (and signing) with Polydor records to touring all over Canada – have given Peter some of his favourite memories.

“Every town we went to, we were received so well. Everyone became our friends,” he says.

However, Peter conceded that even though the band was extremely talented and they had a lot going for them, they likely weren’t going to make it big. After he said goodbye to his band mates, Peter enrolled at the University of Guelph as a mature student.

In 1983, Peter joined the Lulu’s Roadhouse Band, with whom he played for about 10 years – “until that stopped being fun.”

His next project was Desert Dolphins, a country music band. Within eight months of starting the group, the band had itself a top 10 hit and video on new country charts (for its single “Dynamite”). Desert Dolphins didn’t stay together long and Peter found himself on his own again, but playing “the music I wanted to do,” he says. He was playing what he calls “all the classics” and leaning towards jazz influences.

Now, Peter lives in Kitchener and he’s back with other original Major Hoople’s Boarding House members Gail Selkirk and Rocky Howell. When Gail asked him why he was doing it, he told her he remembered how fun it used to be.

And, he says, just as before, he’ll stick with it until it stops being fun.

Get in touch with Peter through the Major Hoople’s Boarding House Facebook group.