Achievement Highlights

* Presently records in his studio at home ‘Studio 7teen’
* Ron and wife Barbara played for the musical production of Elton John and Tim Rice’s ‘Aida’

Ron Van Dam

Ron is a musically minded man. Hum a few bars and he is quick to learn the tune, “sheet music is great and useful for guidance, but it takes me too long to learn a song that way, just let me hear it and I will get it!”

At age four, Ron would listen to the local trains close by and play the sounds he heard from the horns – minor chords. His introduction to music began at an early age. His parents, Hubertus and Maria, frequently had classical, opera and choral music on when Ron was young, a good time to start being interested. It worked! Ron loves to be involved with musical projects from recording other people’s dream projects, to playing, composing, writing and arranging for others, gigs, church, school, himself whatever.

“Music is my life!”

Ron will compose, arrange, record and collaborate with people and their personal projects. He works with children and has recorded them.

Ron presently records in his studio at home ‘Studio 7teen’. He has worked with people needing to fulfill their dreams of recording a song that they penned. Ron has the ability to fill in the music and instrumentation if necessary, and enjoys a musical challenge.

Barbara, his cellist wife, plays a key role in Ron’s life with a great deal of support and talent with her abilities. In May 2011, Ron and Barbara played for the musical production of Elton John and Tim Rice’s ‘Aida’. An opportunity with local fellow musical people.